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ur_loss's Journal

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I notice everything.
I keep to myself a lot, and I don't tell people much.
My biggest desire is to travel the world.
In my spare time I usually just listen to music.

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1950s, 28 days later, 28 weeks later, 9, adrian/milo, affleckcest, alexander ludwig, antique photography, anton yelchin, athos/d'artagnan, athos/phillippe, bagginshield, ben affleck/casey affleck, ben gates/riley poole, benny rodriguez/scott smalls, benny/smalls, bertie/lionel, big bang theory, blades of glory, bobby brown/daniel larusso, books, breakfast on pluto, brendan conlon/tommy riordan, brendan/tommy, brutus howell/dean stanton, capsicoul, casey/chuck, charlie kenton/max kenton, chazz/jimmy, chris chambers/gordie lachance, chris colfer, chris/gordie, cillian murphy, clark/lex, clex, cole/dylan, cookleta, curt connors/peter parker, dignam/billy, disney, district 9, dom/brian, dominic toretto/brian o'conner, dwalin/ori, evan lysacek, evanora/glinda, fili/kili, finn/kurt, flynncest, fregg, glee, gymnastics, heroes, holmes/watson, hugh jackman, i love you man, jack aubrey/stephen maturin, jack bruno/seth, jason segel/paul rudd, jim parsons, johnny depp, johnny lawrence/daniel larusso, johnny weir, karl urban, kentoncest, king kong, kirk/spock, kradam, kyle reese/marcus wright, law and order:svu, liam neeson, lord of the rings, mariska hargitay, moderatto, movies, olivia benson/casey novak, paul rudd, petrellicest, phil wenneck/stuart price, phil/stu, pineapple express, polaroids, post secret, rdj/jude law, real steel, rps, russell crowe/paul bettany, sam worthington, schindler's list, selena gomez, sharlto copley, shaun of the dead, sheldon/leonard, sherlock bbc, sherlock holmes/john watson, simon pegg, slash, sleeping, smallville, spirk, spork, star trek, steve rogers/bucky barnes, steve rogers/phil coulson, superbad, t-1000/john connors, the avengers, the beatles, the hangover, the hobbit, the iron giant, the king's speech, the pianist, the sandlot, the three musketeers, thomas kretschmann, thor, thor/loki, thorin/bilbo, thorin/thranduil, thorinduil, transformers, tron:legacy, viggo mortensen, vintage photography, wall-e, warrior, will lennox/sam witwicky, yaoi, zombieland


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